Feinstein, Garbarsky #belarus

Diane Mason <stretchmason@...>

Hello all Belarus SIG members,

My great-greatgrandparents, Morris Feinstein (1850 - 191?) and Rachel
Garbarsky (1852 - 190?), were both reportedly born in the area of Grodno.
They immigrated to America in 1887 with their 7 children, Fannie (1873 -
1940, my great-grandmother), Harris, Annie, Selma, Bea, and twins Jack and
Abe. I know the history of Fannie's descendants, down to my father's
generation, but would like to learn about Morris and Rachel's Feinstein and
Garbarsky ancestors. Any leads would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Diane Mason

Another reminder >from the Moderator: please tell where you live-town and country-thank you.
Joanne Saltman

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