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Colin Plen

As far as I am concerned the main thing about a tombstone is that it tells
you the name of Grandpa's father. If his name was Avraham ben Yitzchak then
you have a step up your family tree cos now you know that Great Grampa's
name was Yitzchak
Colin Plen
Jewish genealogical Socety Johannesburg

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Subject: Re: jewishgen digest: March 21, 2000
Date: Wednesday, March 22, 2000 10:34 AM

I just visited grandpa, Abraham KRONE, who died in 1918, in the
cemetery for the first time. As I'm new to genealogy, I have a couple
of questions.

1. How important is the Hebrew inscription?
Probably very.
It may for instance say he was a kohen, which the English probably
would not.

Is it usually the same as the English?
People write what they want. There are no rules. The layout can
tell you something - number of words etc.

How can I get it translated?
Photo, scan, put it online and ask JewishGen people to take a look.

While his death Certificate indicates that he died at age 45, the
tombstone states that he died at age 48. What do you think of that? I
don't have any verification of his birth date.
"Hewn in stone" doesn't always mean it's correct. The stone
people make mistakes too. I have an aunt with a similar problem - stone
says 45 instead of 43.

Thanks, Win Segal
Israel Pickholtz
see the Pikholz Project at


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