Re: George NEUMANN of Vienna m. Vera of textile & scarf empire #austria-czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Lisa Thaler has asked us about George NEUMANN of Vienna,
Austria who died at a relatively young age [Jan. 1962] in NY.

George NEUMANN, his CT-born wife Vera Salaff NEUMANN (d. 1993), and
fellow emigre Frederick Werner HAMM (d. 1960) >from Germany
established the Vera textile company in 1946. "Vera" is best known
for bold scarf designs (c1960s), with a ladybug [ladybird/
Marienkafer] logo - Google "Vera+Scarf"

George NEUMANN was part of the Vienna circle of friends that included
artist Sacha KOLIN, the focus of Lisa's intensive research {Sacha
KOLIN (born 1911 Paris - 1981 NYC; res. -1936 Vienna).

Lisa [we have only ever met on the SIG!] and I have collaborated
successfully before on aspects of Sacha KOLIN's life and you can see
the messages in the SIG archives. After a flurry of emails last
night, I was able to confirm that the father of George NEUMANN was
Emanuel NEUMANN >from Vienna - dob 14 May 1879 and these are either
his children [siblings of George] or his nephews and nieces - Ernst
is probably a cousin. These other NEUMANN may be serendipitously
linked to Emanuel, but it is unlikely:

NEUMANN Max 22 Dec 1909; NEUMANN Lisbeth 11 Nov 1910; NEUMANN Ernst
20 Jan 1879.

So if you know about any of the above, it would be a great help.
George sadly predeceased his father Emanuel in NY.

Tragically we can read that Ernst on "Letter to the Stars" that Ernst
was born in Vienna and his last known address was: Wien 1, Kohlmarkt
5/6. He was deported to Theresienstadt on 10.09.1942 and there is no
further information on his fate. On Yad vashem we read more:

"Transport IV/10 >from Wien to Terezin on 11/09/1942" and then
"Transport Et >from Terezin to Auschwitz on 23/10/1944"

Two other people were deported >from this address, but I suspect they
were fellow residents in the apartment block not relatives:

Julie DOCTOR born 28.02.1869 in ?
Franz WEINBERGER born 28.02.1897 in ?

We remember them all here today and all the many NEUMANN victims on
Yad vashem.

I have a probable address for Ing. Emanuel NEUMANN in the prestigious
Cottage district of Vienna - Haizingergasse 43, Vienna XIII; so we
should be able to get more data now. Incidentally [or perhaps that is
how Sacha and Georg met as children?] it is very close to the
Weimarerstr. address where Sacha and her family lived! Sacha, George
and his siblings probably all played together in the lovely
Turkenschanz Park where I am sure they saw lots of *ladybirds*!

Ing. Emanuel was the Director of the *Sabel Electrical Light and
Power Installation Co" in Vienna - so another possible link with
Sacha's father Julius KOLIN who was himself a mechanical engineer:

Lisa has miraculously retrieved Emanuel's WWII registration where it
appears he is an engineer {machinist?] in 1942 so I am hopeful I have
found the right family. The jigsaw puzzle fits together beautifully.

This shows once again that one can piece together a mystery by using
many different sources of information in a relatively short time.
Definitive proof lies in the archives in Vienna.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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