Alfred A. Goldberg <alfran@...>

For a cousin, I am seeking any info about a SPEILGLASS family. She
thinks that the family originated in Romania, with the name of SPEIL
(since his occupation pertained to glass, they believe that glass was
attached to his name) They then migrated to France. This must have
been in the very late 1800's. They then came to the USA in the very
early 1900's. The ones who stayed in France supposedly owned a rather
large Department Store.

Miriam (Minnie) Speilglass married Hyam or Chaim ORNSTEIN, and they had
7 children. The children's names were Sigmund, Sam, Harry, Anna, Lena,
Rose, and Jack. We know that Harry was born in America.

I have looked in "Family Finder" and can't find any references.

Any thoughts on following this up?

Thanks for any help.

Al Goldberg Framingham, MA

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