Re: taking pictures at Waldheim? #general

Myra S. Davis <myrabokpg@...>

Dear Genners >from Chicago Area:
Could some kind soul take four pictures for me at Waldheim Cemetery,
SILVERMAN and WEISS section?
I contacted them and they want $10 per polaroid picture which I think is
quite high.
This is for my great uncle Morris GRANOFSKY, Rebecca and Sophie his first
and second wife and Annette GRANT BROWN, Morris's daughter.
The site is: Gate 220, Sophie is grave 2, Rebecca grave 5, Morris
grave 6, Annette is grave 4. I need to find out their father's names
which would be inscribed on the headstone.
I really don't need Annette's since I know Morris and Rebecca were her
parents, unless there is a picture of her on her headstone, so just the
first three pictures would be fine.

If Sara Fraiman-Bavly >from Edmonton, Alberta Canada reads this please
contact me. I have lost your email.

Myra Davis, Tucson, AZ

Looking for: GRANOFSKY, ZELINKA >from Skvara, Ukraine,
MOTANKY/MATANKY >from Povaloch, Ukranine. SPECTOR >from Skvira or
Pavoloch, KLIGERMAN >from Pavaloch.

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