German reparations #general

Moshe Goldwaser <mauh2o@...>

Dear Genners,
I know this question is not exactly a genealogical one, but I also know
that at least one person in this group would know in what direction to
steer me.
I recently found a "lost" mother of a distant cousin. This Jewish woman,
at the age of 16, came to the States >from Germany at the very end of
1938. Her parents and sister perished at the hands of the Nazis. When
she found out that her entire family perished, she went into a severe
depression and ended up for the next 50 years in a series of mental
institutions. Her parents had a large estate in Germany. Can anyone in
the group direct me towards an attorney in the New York City or Phoenix,
AZ area, who would specialize and handle a claim for reparations >from
Germany on behalf of this 78 year old woman.

Please get back to me privately.

Moshe Goldwaser

MODERATOR NOTE: As the Mr. Goldwaser requests please reply privately.

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