Jewish Genealogical Society Johannesburg Monthly Meeting #general

Colin Plen

Jewish Genealogical Society Johannesburg:
Subject our next meeting: This is an open invitation to anyone living in or
near or visiting Gauteng on the 16th April. We meet at the Pine Street
Shul, in Orchards >from 19h30 (that's 7,30 pm) .Our speaker at this meeting
is Geoffrey Sifrin co-editor of the Jewish Report and author of the book To
The book called To Gershn might not be readily available outside of South
Africa but it is a most interesting book and worth aread. In the book he
goes into the genealogy and history of his family in Europe together with
photos and comments on his Lithuanian trips, but more interesting, in my
opinion, is that he then goes into the history of how his ancestors came to
South Africa and went into farming, teaching the Afrikaner farmers who had
been in this country for a hundred years before, how to farm profitably.
Nobody had ever made a profit out of farming before these upstart Jews came
along and said they could...and they did. There were about 20 large farms
in the Witbank area owned by Jews and Sifrin's story about them is most
Colin Plen

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