Researching: EHRLICHMAN from Moravska Ostrava #austria-czech

iris graicer <irisgr@...>

Dear group,
I am looking for details about my father's uncle Bernard EHLICHMAN that
lived befor the war in Moravska Ostrava [ now the Czech republic ].
I know that in 1938 he and his family were forced to move to Poland,
because he was a Polish born.
I don't know anything about them or what happened to them except the fact
that there were two sons born in Moravska Ostrava [a lawyer and an Engeener,
could be already married ] and a daughter that before the war went to study
in a university in England and till now, I didn't find anything about her.
I want to fill testimony pages for them and I am looking for more details
and I will bemore then happy if there is someone, a relative or a friend or
a neighbor that lived before the war in Moravska Ostrava and survived and
can tell their story.
Dr. Iris Graicer, Israel

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