Englanders--Poland to Chicago to Brooklyn, NY #general

Daniel Kazez <dkazez@...>

After a year-long search, I find myself unable to find any
trace of a large branch of my family tree. It's an especially
important branch to me, because the couple at the top were the
first members of my extended family to arrive in the New World.

Perhaps a few of you could suggest how I can search?

The brief story is this: Solomon and Mary Englander arrived in
the USA around 1886, and had nine children. They appear in the
Chicago census and city directories >from 1894 to 1915. After
this, there is no race of the children. The parents appear in
Patchogue, NY (1920 NY Census) and Brooklyn, NY (1934 City
Directory), but not in the New York borough death indices, 1933
to 1960. None of the family appears in SSDI.

I have prepared easy-to-read details here:


Or I can send you an e-mail message with a simple version of the
family details.

Please, can anyone help?


Daniel Kazez / dkazez@mail.wittenberg.edu
Springfield, Ohio USA
Poland: TALMAN (Plawno), ENGLANDER (Mstow and nearby), JURKIEWICZ
Ukraine: OBERMAN (Zaslav), LISS

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