Genealogy Newspaper Column #general

Al Wirtzbaum <nycityal@...>

While looking at this week's New York City edition of the "Jewish
Week" newspaper, I was wondering why this newspaper did not have a
genealogy column. I searched the discussion group archives and
found that of the 10 instances I found doing a search of
"newspaper near genealogy," not one was for a weekly column.

Although I wouldn't be the one to write it, I think it would be a
good idea to have a column in the major Jewish newspapers in the
U.S. I'd like to know how many agree with me. Maybe if there is
enough of a response, it would encourage someone to take up the
cause. I'm sure we all agree that the more people whho are made
aware of genealogy as a hobby, the better it is for all of us.
Don't forget that many of us are on numerous e-mail lists, but the
average person is probably unaware of what genealogy is.

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