Re: Black Dutch and TENNISON, TENNESEN or TENNYSON families #general

Ann Rabinowitz <annrab@...>

The referral to "Black Dutch" ancestry might or might not necessarily mean
the family had Jewish roots as supposed by Mr. Tennyson. According to
several sources in the JewishGen Archives and those I remember >from an
extensive discussion of this topic on the now defunct Prodigy Classic
genealogy board, there were various groups who fit into the "Black Dutch"

I would suggest that Mr. Tennyson do the following:

Search the JewishGen Archives under "Black Dutch". In particular,
look at the messages >from Dr. Saul Issroff, Miller Taylor and Bert Van

Check the sources produced by Peter Wilson Coldham regarding emigration to
America such as: The Complete Book of Emigrants, in four volumes
(1607-1660, 1661-1699, 1700-1750, 1751-1776), The Complete Book of Emigrants
in Bondage, 1614-1775, Emigrants >from England to the American Colonies,
1773-1776, Child
Apprentices in America, >from Christ's Hospital, London, 1617-1778, English
Estates of American Colonists, and English Adventurers and Emigrants.

Other available sources for this period are the following:

"The Complete Book of Emigrants in Bondage, 1614-1775", by Peter Coldham
Wilson, which does not have any TENNISON, TENNESEN, or TENNYSON family

"First American Jewish Families, 600 Genealogies, 1654-1988", by Rabbi
Malcolm H. Stern, which does not have any TENNISON, TENNESEN or TENNYSON or
for that matter any BAUDER or BADER families.

There does not appear to be enough information for Mr. Tennyson to make the
assumption that his family has any real Jewish roots at the present time.
The family lore may refer to another ethnic basis for "Black Dutch"
ancestry. If there are arrival records for his family in America, he can
then take this information and go back in time to the England records and do
further sleuthing there. This might lead him to made a more definitive
conclusion about his family origins. It may also be that if there is a
so-called "Jewish" connection, it may be too far back (several hundred
years) to trace through existing records.

Ann Rabinowitz

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