Seeking info re FRIEDLANDER from Petschau and Poland St Refuge for Jews #austria-czech


seeking family information Ludwig (Lewis) FRIEDLANDER
from Petschau (Becov nad Teplou), who was also
Superintendent of the Poland Street Refuge (aka Poland
Street Mission) in London (Westminster) during WW1.

Ludwig FRIEDLANDER b about 1872 was my Gt
Grandfather, he left Petschau in @ 1885 and after
joining the British Army (4yrs in India)
(interestingly he described himself as a WELSH
goldminer to cover for his accent) was pensioned out
and became a Commissionaire, married in 1906, and in
1914 he took on the role of Superintendent of the
Poland Street Refuge and was Decorated by the Belgium
Government for his work there,(mainly Russian Jewish
refugees entering the UK via Antwerp) I have only
found a couple of references on the WWW to this
establishment . I feel that Ludwig's work was an
important part of the Social History and would like to
learn. I have a copy of an illuminated scroll that
was written and signed by representatives of the
refugees and the medal and,letters awarded to him.

Very little is known of Ludwig apart >from his father
(Siegmund) owned a Drapers store in Petschau and he
had three sisters, Rosa Bertha and Emilie one of whom
went to America (Poss Bertha) and married an 'Artisan'
(no furrther details) and believed had Twins, and the
youngest (believed Emile) took over the Drapers after
his Fathers death.

Ludwig died in 1929 and it is believed the family were
still in Petschau then. any knowledge or advice would
be greatfully received.

Gerard Morgan
near London, ENGLAND

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