Re: Lloyds List #general

Harry Dodsworth <af877@...>

Lloyd's List is indeed a tremendous source of information on
shipping movements (voyages but not ships).
The problem is that few libraries do have copies of the films.
The Guildhall Library in London, England has LL >from 1827 onwards
and a separate index to it >from 1838 to 1937; this film is a copy
of the handwritten index :-)
I believe Memorial University in St. John's, NF has holdings too
and I would welcome hearing of other holdings.
Note that Lloyd's List is separate >from (and actually published
by a different organization) Lloyd's Register which has information
about ships. Both offer barebones information about their subjects.
For arrivals in NYC, I tend to check the New York Times as I have
easy access to it but was recently told that the New York Herald had
much better shipping columns (but again is less widely available).
Montreal and Quebec newspapers had good columns about St. Lawrence

Harry Dodsworth Ottawa Ontario Canada af877@...

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