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Asparagirl <asparagirl@...>

Manuela Wyler wrote:

I am sorry to disappoint Brooke but Sophie Marceau is not jewish and
neither related to Marcel Marceau
Marcel Marceau was born Marcel MAngel the 22/3/ 1923 in Strasbourg
Ack! You're right- I just checked the Internet Movie Database
( - a very useful site!), and indeed, Sophie is not
Marcel's daughter and probably not Jewish either. The site, however,
does say that Marcel (who *is* Jewish) had three wives (still married to
the third; the other two he divorced) and two sons by his first wife.
Neither the first wife's nor the kids' names are mentioned. I assume
that this is the wife whose maiden name was MANN who is my distant

<sigh> This is all getting complicated. I'm just going to write to his
agent and hope for the best.

Thanks to everyone who replied!

- Brooke Schreier

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