James Monroe HS. #general

Phyllis Blumenfeld <plblum@...>

In regard to the above closing of this school, I had occasion to contact
the Bd. of Education at 110 Livingston St. and spoke to someone names
Ken Fanizzi at 718-935-5653 who was able to tell me where the records of
defunct schools were kept. I was not too successful in my search as the
years I was looking for were too far back, but for more recent ones, it
might help. It certainly couldn't hurt!

Phyllis Blumenfeld plblum@...
researching: POPS,FICHTELBERG/Lemberg & Dobromil, Galicia
BERMAN & ELANDER/Nowy Sacz/Gribov..TRAURIG/Wisnicz/Zwiec/Israel
BLUMENFELD & SUSSMAN/Iasi/Podul Ilieu..SCHNALL/Russia? Tuckahoe NYC

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