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Alexander Sharon <a.sharon@...>

Would you be able to provide more information about the Yzkor Book and town
in question.
To me this looks like the name of village Repishche (Ripishche) which is
pronounced as [reh peeh shtshe] or [reeh pee shtsheh] in Volhynia Region,
SE >from Rovne, which would written in Yiddish as:

resh, yud, peh (not feh) yud shin tet shin ayin

Just a guess.
Alexander Sharon
Cakgary, Alberta

"Iris B. Sitkin" <iris-macsie@...> wrote in message


Spelled in Hebrew:

resh, yud, feh, yud, shin, tet, shin, ayin, sof

The context of the word is it is in a Table of Contents of a Yizkor
book as the title of an article about a particular shtetl. So in the
TOC you see:

Miriam Cohen: "rifishtishis"


Iris B. Sitkin


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