Re: Photographing Gravestone Inscriptions #general

Neil Barmann <n.barmann@...>

I read an interesting possible solution to this problem in another newsgroup
recently. The writer suggested that in the case of indented lettering, a can of
aerosol shaving cream could be used to "fill in" the lettering, and after wiping
off the excess, the letters would then show in white against a presumably darker
stone. I have tried to think of a potential downside to this, and the shaving
cream is probably less damaging than exposure to the air in any urban area.

JPLowens@... wrote:

I've been missing JewishGen in recent weeks due to pressing family business
but noted the discussion of photographing gravestone inscriptions in
Sunday's Digest.

I am sending the following which was posted to JewishGen some years ago.

<<< With the sun nearly overhead, I took color
photos >from several angles in an attempt to capture a legible image.
Unfortunately the stone is a grayish granite and the photos have little
contrast. Can anyone suggest a way to print, copy or otherwise extract
an image with greater contrast?>>>

I haven't used any of the new photo editing software but I''m sure that such
an image could be enhanced with Photoshop et al.

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