Ontario Jewish Archives,Steamship Log, Hebrew Sick Benefit Society, Toronto #general

sharon cooper

Dear Hilary,
You asked me about the address and phone for the
Ontario Jewish Archives and about their Steamship Log.

Dr. Stephen Speisman Director
The Ontario Jewish Archives
4600 Bathurst Street
Willowdale, Ontario
M2R 3V2

Telephone: (416) 635-2883 Ext. 170
Fax: (416) 635- 1408

Hours: Monday to Thursday 9:00am - 4:45pm
Friday 9:00am - 2:00pm
Closed Jewish Holidays

I went there and found them most helpful. I don't know
what services they provide for outside inquiries.
They have some Jewish Directories for Toronto >from the
1920's and 30's that I found most useful, as it had
the names, addresses and professions of various

Also they have The Rotenberg Steamship Agency Log from
1911 -1914 and perhaps other years but I don't
know. This was an agency that sold steamship tickets in
I found a listing >from 1914, of my grandfather
purchasing a ticket for my grandmother, still in
Poland. It gave his addresses (which changed
frequently) and the name of the steamship line and
port of departure.
Interestingly, but sadly, there was a red stamp on it
saying "cancelled". I know >from family stories that my
grandmother was turned back at Liverpool (because of
suspected eye disease)though she did eventually come,
six years later!
I go to Toronto every four months or so, next trip in
May or June. If anyone has a request I will try to
fulfill it.
Incidentally, I have in my possession a 1935 25th
Jubilee album for the Hebrew Sick Benefit Society in
Toronto, with hundreds of names and addresses and
business ads of Toronto Jews, >from Chmelnik, Shydlov,
Radom and other places. It also has several articles.
Its in Yiddish and I plan to translate it.
I plan to donate a photocopy to the Ontario Jewish
Regards, Sharon Cooper

Sharon Cooper-Goodman, Ottawa, Canada
POZNER,POJZNER,(Radom,Ilza,Drilge,Warsaw,-Poland,Toronto - Canada.
MATZ (Radom -Poland;Sevastopol -Ukraine)TAJCHEBLAT (Lipsko,Radom - Poland)
KATZ,KAC (Buenos Aires - Argentina) AJZENBERG,Radom -Poland,Israel)
TENEBAUM (Brest - Belarus)GOODMAN,GUTMAN (Vitebsk - Belarus)
KUPERBERG -(Lodz,Chenstakovwa, Kielce -Poland)

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