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Hi Jewishgenners.

I am looking for KLAPMAN >from Ackmene, Lithuania. My Great-Grandmother,
Annie KLAPMAN MARCUS was born in about 1871 and lived in Dublin, Ireland.
Her father was Mordechai Leib KLAPMAN (born 1833)and her Mother was
Menucha ZALTZMAN KLAPMAN (born 1835). It now appears that she had a
brother Yossel KLAPMAN born 1856. Her grandparents were Nochum (born
1797) and Freyda KLAPMAN (born 1803). The name Klapman is also spelt
with a "c"

If anyone knows of this family, please contact me privately at

Anne Lapedus Brest. Researching: LAPEDUS/LAPIDUS Vieksniai, Lithuania
(and anywhere ) MARCUS and KLAPMAN Ackmene, MIRRELSON Courland, Latvia.
SHILLMAN Odessa. KARLIN Zagera, Lithuania, ORKIN Zagera Lithuania,
ORKIN Yaneshik (Ioniskis) Lithuania.

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