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Stephen G. Esrati <stevsta@...>

I saw this film when it showed in February at the Palm Springs
International Film Festival and commend it to anyone who has an interest in
the history of our times, although I saw precious little in the movie that
is pertinent to genealogical research.
A large part of The Tenth Prayer, my still unpublished new novel, deals
with aspects of the Jewish Brigade in Italy, including the discovery of an
Italian town, Sannicandro, that converted itself to Judaism and was not
recognized as Jewish by the rabbinate. The Jews of Sannicandro eventually
migrated to Israel, where they were given a village of their own. You can
find a short description of this testing of halacha in the Jewish
My book also deals with the wholesale, planned, desertion by members of the
brigade so they could set up make-believe British military formations that
were actively engaged in illegal immigration of Jews to what was then
called Palestine. While this aspect is mentioned in the movie, it is toned
The film does mention, again toned down, the formation by members of the
brigade of Din, the organization of avengers that pursued German war
criminals after the war. That aspect is better covered in my first novel,
Comrades, Avenge Us, which was published in 1996.
Finally, what I found most shocking was that the British, eager to get the
Jews away >from Italian ports, shipped the entire brigade to Holland in
sealed boxcars. I need not remind anyone what it must have been like for
Jews to be riding around all over Germany in sealed boxcars in 1946!

craspler@... wrote:

On April 26th at 9:00 PM (check local listings) "In Our Own Hands: The
Hidden Story of the Jewish Brigade in WWII" will air throughout the U.S.
on PBS stations. I have no commercial interest in this project.

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