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Dear list
Im looking for any information on my grandmother called Aida
GOLDENBERG and my grandfather John BLAIR. They were married in Cairo
(Egypt) in the year 1923 at the British consulate.
John BLAIR was at the time serving in the r.a.f. as a telephonist. I know
Aidas father attended the wedding, his name is Israel GOLDENBERG he was
dentist in Cairo. As far as I am aware he originated >from Russia, as on
Aidas and Johns marriage lines states she was a Russian subject. I know
John and Aida left Egypt and moved to Scotland on or around 1924. They
then moved to a town called Hendon in London , I know they had two
children called Edith and Margaret, I also know that Aida and the children
stayed in France for about two years on or around 1927. Aida had a sister
in France whose name I do not know, or will never find out, I know that
Edith and Margaret returned to Scotland without there mother, Aida
remained in France and she may have re-married a Frenchman in the year
1930, I have looked in many books and web sites named by your good selfs
and I have not come up with a trace of anything about my Grandmother and
what happened to her. Thank you for any help >from anyone.
Colin Easdon

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