IAJGS NY Conference Attendees - 2006 #austria-czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

26th IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy. August
13-18, 2006 (Av 19-24 5766). New York Marriott Marquis Hotel (45th
and Broadway).

I am delighted to be able to send you the list of Austria-Czech
Siggers who will be attending the 2006 NY conference. All have given
permission for their names to be listed. There may be a few more who
have not sent in their names or who wish to remain anonymous.
Likewise, there may be other Siggers attending who also belong to our
SIG out of lateral interest. Because of the huge Habsburg Empire and
wide interests of our members, they may be concentrating on
overlapping matters.

This shows once again what a keen group we are - how motivated - and
what a lot of volunteers we have in our midst who work to further the
cause of genealogy in our region. We are especially proud that Anne
Feder-Lee has such a prestigious position and that our Siggers are
presenting such fascinating papers.

I would be very happy to volunteer to put together a conference
report for our SIG, based on individual messages I receive >from the
attendees - unfortunately I will not be able to attend. Please let me
have anything you think might interest our 725/791 members spread
throughout the world.

I really missed not being able to read anything about last year's
conference and it would be a shame if this situation arose again.

In alphabetical order: unless stated otherwise, >from the USA.

1. Barbara Illner Barrett - researching JERUSALEM ILLNER FISCHER,
2. Alex Calzareth - Webmaster of Austria-Czech SIG
3. Anne Feder-Lee - [Hawaii] President of IAJGS
4. Vera Finberg - has ordered microfilms "Ubergetretenen >from 1876 to
1938 with indexing >from 1868-1941" for your perusal. Thank you, Vera

5. Rhea Kantner Frankl - researching FRANKL JEITELES, Bohemia
6. Larry Freund - indexing cemeteries in NY and Bohemia
7. Sally Goodman - researching ABELES KIRSCHBAUM NEUSPIEL ROTH
SCHAUER - Vienna and Moravia
8. Logan Kleinwaks - presenting paper on searching online directories

using his website www.kalter.org/search
9. Fritz Neubauer - presenting paper on Genealogical Information in
Memorial Books >from Germany and Austria
10. Gertrude Singer Ogushwitz - researching KONIGSBAUM, Vienna;
Budapest - many messages in GDG archives; very keen genealogist.
11. Bob Pachner - looking for his birth family
Tabaschnik, Schlofrig, Gross of Raschkow, Kopyczynce and Vienna
12. Israel Pickholtz [Israel] - mainly Galician interests
13. Linda Rakoff - researching ASCHNER, Vienna
14. Emery Roth - researching EISNER
15. Jane Goldfarb Roth - researching EISNER
16. Florence Schumacher - researching BROD Liben Prague Vienna
17. Judy Segal - mainly researching Hungary/Slovakia
18. Henry Sinai [Israel] researching SINAI - Henry helped cater our
great Israeli Sigger meeting in March, 2006 [Thank you!]
19. Robert Stein - researching HIRSCH/STEIN Bohemia>Chicago
20. Tom Weiss - presenting paper not directly involved with
Austria-Czech SIG
21. Henry Wellisch [Canada] - presenting a paper on Theresienstadt.
22. Alex Woodle - presenting paper on research in Prague archives.

I hear there is likely to be an informal dinner so if you are
interested please let me know and I will pass on the message to the
organiser who will contact you.

As there are so many people to meet, it might be best to print out
this list and have it handy! We all wish you a great conference!  

Celia Male [U.K.]

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