Re: Name Michael on Death Certificate #general

Diane Jacobs <kingart@...>

I never knew my grandfather Michael's Hebrew name
and at the bris I chose Michal for my son after him.
Lo and behold 16 years later I found his father's tombstone
in Washington DC and learned that my
grandfather's grandfather was named Michal. Therefore
by shear good fortune my son carries the same Hebrew
name as his ggggf and my grandfather.

Hope this helps in your search

Diane Jacobs
New York
Subject: Name Michael on Death Certificate

Nevertheless, as one of my few sources of information, a death
certificate for my ggrandmother lists simply Michael (no surname!) as
the father of the deceased. That individual was never in this country,
and lived and died in the guberniya of Kiev in Russia, at the end of the
19th century. His name certainly would not have been the English
Michael. Any ideas as to what it
might have been? (Yes, I will try to find the gravestone, but in this
particular cemetery, I hold out little hope...)

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