Couple has same Social Security number? #general

Roy Ogus <ogus@...>

I just received copies of the death certificates of a couple in my
family. They died in Chicago in 1966 (husband) and 1976 (wife).

I noticed that the same Social Security number was shown on each of
their death certificates. I looked up in the SSDI database and found
that the number shown corresponds to the social security number of the
husband. The wife's name was not listed in the SSDI database.

Does anyone know why the same number was shown on both their
certificates? Could this have been just an error, or is there a
situation where a wife "takes over" her husband's social security
number after his death, if she does not have one of her own?

Has anyone seen this situation before?


Roy Ogus
Palo Alto, California, USA

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