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I am also interested in this website.

Bob Freedman
Orinda, CA

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Subject: Shanghai ghetto photos circa 1945, 1947
Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2000 03:04:14 EDT
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Recently I inadvertently found someone's website that showed numerous
photos of the Shanghai Jewish ghetto during the years 1945, 1947; there
were photos of school children, young adults etc.. I cannot find this
site again...have worked at it all weekend. I'm anxious to find it, and
share it with a friend who was there as a young child with his parents
and sibling. If you know whose website it is, please email me privately
with the information. Thank you,
Judie C. Rice

Seeking: POLAND:Ostralenka,Nowogrod,Lomza..Cynkus,Cinkiewicz,Szulimowicz,

Please let the rest of us know as there are others with interest in this
topic. >>

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