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Meryl Persky <> wrote:

While searching a microfilm for Passenger Arrivals, I believe I found my
great uncle. However, the arrival card was unlike any I've seen before.
It read:
GABBIN, JACOB 17m cr 76634
According to the instruction sheet at the FHC, the procedure is to write
to Immig. & Nat. Service requesting the arrival date and name of vessel.
I understand that the 5 digit number is the number of the Declaration of
Intent. What confuses me is, why is this card part of the arrivals?
The "CR" stands for "Certificate of Registry", which is a waiver of the
"Certificate of Arrival". This is due to the Registry Act of 1929 (see

Beginning in 1911, when an immigrant applied for naturalization, the
Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) attempted to validate
the applicant's arrival ship/date/port, and issued a "Certificate of
Arrival", to attach to the naturalization application. Beginning in
1929, if the INS could NOT locate their arrival on a ship's manifest,
for whatever reason, and the applicant was otherwise qualified and
could prove that they has been residing in the US for the required
time period, then the INS issued a "Certificate of Registry" in lieu
of the standard "Certificate of Arrival". A card for that Registry
was then inserted into the INS' passenger arrival index, since that
immigrant's name could not be found on a ship manifest.

You can order the particular "Certificate of Registry" document
that you are interested in by writing to:

Immigration and Naturalization Service
FOIA/PA Office
425 Eye Street NW
Washington, DC 20536

In your letter, include the immigrant's name, approximate date of
birth, country of origin, date of death if known, and the CR number.


Warren Blatt
Boston, MA

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