New York City Records Search Requested #general


May I ask any New York City-based researchers working with death certificates
or naturalization records for help?

Could someone make copies for me of the following two records on Benjamin (or

1. His death certificate, died January 31, 1922, in the Bronx, certificate #

2. His naturalization papers in the name of Baruch BALDINGER, U. S. District
Court, Brooklyn, filed 8/4/1906, as volume 94, record #232, while living at
99 Avenue D. [Probably at the New York branch of National Archives and that

He was born 11/15/1859 and arrived in this country on 4/1/1884, according to
information I have.

I will refund all mailing and photocopying costs of any researcher that
volunteers. Thanks very much. Getting this information (which is not in
Mormon records and to ask for >from NYC Health Dept records would take weeks)
will help fill in a very important gap in my grandmother's family and how
many of the family's 11 brothers and sisters reached this country. Please
contact me directly for my mailing address.

Milton Goldsamt
Silver Spring, MD

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