Re: Acronym Lamed Pay Kuf? #general

Cyndee Meystel <cmeys@...>

That is correct, but what "according to the modern calendar" means (I
believe) is that the year is writtin in "short" form, without the first
digit -- the current year of 5760 is written as just 760 (in Hebrew letters
of course)

Cyndee Meystel
Chicago, IL

<> wrote in message

Edmund Cohler, a member of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater
Boston (JGSGB) has compiled a list of Hebrew Abbreviations for
Genealogists. In 1995 his compilation was presented in "Mass-Pocha" the
Newsletter of the JGSGB. According to his list the acronym Lamed Pay Kuf
stands for "according to the modern calendar"

David Rosen
Boston, MA

Moshe Goldwaser wrote:

Does anyone know what does the acronym Lamed Pay Kuf stand for? I have
seen it on a number of tombstone. It appears after the Hebrew date.

Moshe Goldwaser

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