Follow-up: Ancestry did not purge the name #general

Josephine ROSENBLUM <JoRose@...>

One red face here. The name Nathan BART that I thought had disappeared
from Ancestry's SSDI is still there. I think I must have mis-typed his
name, and that is why I could not find it recently.

However, there are new developments.

(1) The Ohio Historical finally came through last Friday and sent me his
death certificate. Yes, he did die on 14 Jan 1938. I am wondering if that
makes his death date one of the earliest to appear in the SSDI.

(2) He was President of Apex Steel and Supply Scrap Iron at the time of
his death in 1938 (and when he signed up for a SSN in 1937). I had
thought that Social Security was established in 1936 or 1937 for workers,
not officers of companies (or professional people).

(3) He had a different wife on his death certificate >from the one in the
1920 Census. Therefore, wife #1 (our relative) had died between 1920 and
1938, or they were divorced. [The death certificate gives the full name
of wife #2.]

There are several morals to all this. (a) It doesn't hurt to check the
SSDI, even if a death occurred before 1955, (b) careful typing is essential
when checking databases, and (c) a death certificate may have information
that will surprise you.

Josephine Rosenblum, Cincinnati, OH
< JoRose@... >

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