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Juergen Stockburger <Stockburger@...>

"FOODPHILE" < > writes:

> My father told me he was a staff sergeant in the army during WWII
> and that in 1945 they took over the German town of "Mockmuchl."
> Since I find no listing anywhere of this town, I have to assume
> that the spelling is incorrect. If anyone has heard of a town
> which sounds close to this name, I would appreciate it very much
> if you could enlighten me.

Most likely you are looking for Mockmuhl (sometimes transcribed
Moeckmuehl; both vowels are umlauts). Shtetlseeker (at ) will locate it
under 'Mockmuhl' and provides a link to a map server for this area.

Juergen Stockburger
Freiburg, Germany

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