Re: YOSSI, YOSHI #general

Prof. G. L. Esterson <jerry@...>

Emma Karabelnik of Israel wrote as follows:

"Yossi is Joseph or Yossef in Hebrew, Yoshi can be the same or be
derivative of Yoshua (Joshua).


alan benjamin < wizard@... > wrote:
> Can someone tell me whether Yossi and/or Yoshi might be
> diminutives of Joseph? Thank you."

Emma's comment is not quite correct. The Yiddish nicknames Yoshe and
Yoshi are actually kinuim for the Hebrew given name Yehoshua, in the
sense that they form true Hebrew double names with Yehoshua: Yehoshua
Yoshe for being called to the Tora in an aliya, or Yehoshua hamechune
Yoshe in Jewish legal documents such as marriage, divorce, business,
etc. documents.

The Given Names Data Base for Lithuania shows that the basic Hebrew
name Yehoshua has a rich selection of other kinuim with which it forms
true Hebrew double names: Falk, Hasha, Hashka, Heshil, Hoshil,
Hoshman, Shika, and Zusa.

Yoshe and Yoshi have no links to the Hebrew name Yosef, or to its
relative, the Yiddish name Yossi.

Prof. G. L. Esterson, Ra'anana, Israel

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