Help: translate one birth record in Russian script #general

Batya Olsen <batya@...>

Searching the JRI/Poland database, I found the following -
Givenname: Samuil Mowszowicz
Year: 1892
Type: B

Believing this could refer to my grandfather I contacted the Polish State
Archives using the very convenient on-line form and sent them the quite
reasonable sum of $10 via bank check. I received a note in Polish (which
a friend was able to translate) stating that the national archive was
referring this to the Bialystock archive.
The Bialystock archive has just sent me a photocopy of a record.

I guess I was naive, I thought I'd be able to at least pick out a name,
but I can't. The record form is in printed Russian and the information
entered is in script. I've scanned the record and uploaded it to:

Can you please help me with this?

In anticipation: Thank you very much for your effort.



Batya Matzkin Olsen, Concord, Massachusetts USA
Researching: EISENSHMID/AJZENSHMIDT [any spelling] (Bialystok, PL),
KAYOTSKY (Vidzy, BY), KELMAN, KLONER (Postavy/Smorgon, BY),
MANFELD (Smorgon), MANFIELD (Sterling, Ill., US), RUNKIN,
MATZKIN (Vidzy & anywhere), ROSENBLUM (Postavy), SCHARER

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