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P&J Blumstein <pbjb@...>

At 12:00 AM -0500 on 5/2/00, "Prof. G. L. Esterson spaketh thusly:
Robert Fleischman of Miami Beach, FL posted as follows:

"My ggm's name was Ella. Is this a contraction? I think it was listed
on passenger lists as Elke. What is the origin of these names?"

The Given Names Data Base for Lithuania provides the following
information about this Yiddish name:

Yiddish: Ella, Elle
Yiddish nicknames: Elka, Elke, Ilka, Ilke
Origin: >from old German name Ella, Elle

European secular: Ellush, Illush

US names: Alice, Anna, Eileen, Elka, Ella, Ellen, Elsie, Emma

The US names were those adopted by female emigrants >from Lithuania to
the US.

And my gm was >from the Kosice area (Hungary before WW1 & now Slovokia).
Her name in the US & Hungary was Ella. Her Hebrew name was Chana.

Paul D. Blumstein

PS: The old fairy tale, Cinderella, was a name made up because the main
character, Ella, was reduced to working with cinders. I do not know
where that tale originated.

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