Towns in Ukraine? #general

Mitch Mermel

Having checked ShtetlSeeker, I've come up with just too many towns.

My aunt recalls coming >from Borschtovski (she also remembers it as
Borshtikorvazki), about a days journey by cart or sleigh to Kiev.
I've finally gotten my grandmother's (aunt's sister) petition for
naturalization which lists the family as coming >from Buschagebka
(out in the countryside).

ShtetlSeeker generates 2 listings for Buschagebka roughly within
100 miles of Kiev, one is NE of Kiev; The other WNW. There are also
2 listings generated for Borschtovski within the same general 100 mile
range. Again one is NE, the other WNW of Kiev. Each is roughly
11 miles >from their Buschagebka counterpart.

My theory: Borschtovski was probably the nearest market town and
more memorable to my aunt as a young girl. ( I realize this logic
and concept does not have a strong foundation)

My problem: Which Buschagebka is the right one. I was hoping for
only one close countryside-market town correlation.

Where do I go >from here?

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