Lida District records #belarus


Ellen Sadove Renck's information about possible Lida District records
available through BLITZ >from St. Petersburg is very exciting.

Other conscription lists that I have seen (including those extracted in
LANDSMEN, the journal of the Suwalk-Lomza Interest Group) list all family
members, including females, not only males of draft age. That could be a
valuable document, as could tax lists.

Because my father was imprisoned in Lida by the Poles during the
Polish-Soviet War in 1919, the following item holds possible interest for

6. Fond 1546 (Jewish Committee of Assistance to War Victims).
Perhaps it would be worth checking to see what time period is covered by
that Fond.

As the coordinator of the Litvak SIG's Lida District 1858 Revision List
Project, I am very proud of the response and support that Lida District
researchers have given Litvak SIG, making it possible for us to acquire
and already translate that revision list (census) for Eisiskes, Lida,
Voronovo, Radun, Vasilishok, Rozhanka, Zhaludok and Shchuchin.
Participants in the project have already received files with those
translations, and we expect them to be in the searchable All-Lithuania
Database before long. Still being translated are the 1858 lists for Nowy
Dwor, Orlya, Belitsy and Ostrynia. A number of Lida District researchers
have urged Litvak SIG to acquire >from the Lithuanian State Historical
Archives a Lida District revision list >from the 1870s and we will be
undertaking these efforts as soon as it is possible.

Information >from the documents Ellen cited should complement and augment
the information >from the Litvak SIG Lida District 1858 Revision List
Project. I will be sending a contribution to this new effort, and I hope
other Lida District researchers join me.

Judy Baston, Coordinator
Litvak SIG Lida District Revision List Project

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