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Sharla Levine <austriaczech@...>

I have a copy of Hugo Gold's book on Moravia and would be happy to provide
the table of contents to anyone who wants to undertake a similar project of
creating a spreadsheet of the towns covered.

This volume is of similar size to the Bohemia volume - over 600 pages, plus
the statistical chapter and an index. There are approximately 80 chapters or
subchapters. Most chapters are about a town, but a few are about
individuals. The book is primarily in German, but there is a smattering of

As Celia says, translating these books is a massive undertaking that would
require many, many hours and thus some considerable expense. That is why we
initially chose to start with the Moravia volume (also we thought we'd have
more success getting German translated than Czech) when we set it up as a
Yizkor Book project. If you care to contribute toward the project, please
where the project is listed as "Moravia - Yizkor Book."

Sharla Levine
Austria-Czech SIG Coordinator

MODERATOR NOTE: Please reply privately if you wish to volunteer.

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From: Celia Male []

Thanks to Susan Boyer - another fantastic volunteer - I have the
Bohemia book which has been of great help to me.

I must tell Vera, and everyone else though, that the contents give no
idea of the language of the chapters. Each chapter [and there are
about 253 chapters - two hundred and fifty three!] just has as a
title - the *place name*.

Finally there is a statistical chapter in Czech at the end
p. 729-733

The best approach would be to make an Excel file and then post the
results on our website:

< snip >

Any translation project would be massive and I cannot see how this
can realistically be done by us. I hope I am wrong. Perhaps a few
key places should be targeted first?

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