Re: Help: translate one birth record in Russian script #general

Joe Armata <armata+@...>

I think "Zadvud." is actually "Zablud" - compare the b in Abramovich
and the l in Rosental. Today that root refers to being lost or
having gone astray, which wouldn't make sense here, but maybe it
had an older meaning of itinerant, or passing through a town?
That would make him a temporary resident of the town?

Also "Nina" looks to me like Nicha ("ch" = the Cyrillic X).

Joe Armata
Zadvud.(??) meshchan. (townsman, or petit bourgeois registered in the
town abbreviated as Zadvud.(?? - does anyone recognize this?)
Movsha Abra-
movich Aizen-
shmid, Nina (?)
Ioselivna (?)

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