Accomondations in Belarus #belarus

Franklin J. Swartz <eejhp@...>

Dear All,

I am replying to Mr. Schust's inquiry via the SIG because it touches on
a question frequently asked and which, of late, has been intemperately
discussed on the JGDG.

Most accommodation in Belarus outside of major cities is not up to Western
standards. Most destinations, however, are within easy reach of large
towns in which hotel accommodation of good quality can be found. An
alternative to hotels is to either stay with a family or rent an apartment
for a night or two. These later choices have the benefit of allowing
visitors a greater insight into the life and culture of Belarus.
Belarusians are amongst the most hospitable people in the world and
sharing time with them can be the highlight of your trip. I will be glad
to assist and advise anyone wanting to find accommodation of either type.

I would also like to take this opportunity to comment on sources of
misinformation, Minsk in Your Pocket, the Rough Guide and Lonely Planet
give an entirely false picture of travel in Belarus. In the case of the
last two that may be a product of house style but Minsk in Your Pocket is,
frankly, mendacious as well as ludicrously inaccurate.

As an American who has lived here for years I can assure you that your
trip will be safe and people congenial.

Please feel free to contact me if you require more information.

Best wishes to all,

Franklin J. Swartz
Executive Director
East European Jewish Heritage Project (Reg'd UK)
Jewish Revival Charitable Mission (Reg'd Republic of Belarus)
13b Dauman St.
Republic of Belarus
Tel/Fax: +375 17 234 3360/234 5612
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