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Glenda Rubin <glendarubin@...> wrote:

Can anybody tell me what Illinitzer K.U.V. refers to? It is a burial
society.Would Illinitz be the name of a town or a Chasidic group perhaps?
And what does K.U.V. stand for?

Thanks in advance. If you respond to to group, please copy
to me privately as well. Thanks!

Judy Petersen
I believe Illinitzer refers to the Ukrainian shtetl of Ilintsy, aka Lenitz,
and this is a landsmanschaften or similar organization. (BTW, my maternal
grandmother was born in Lenitz, so I hope to correspond with you about that).
I think the *er* suffix is in this case is similar to the *an* in American
before the name of an organization..

Anyway, I checked my 1930s book of landsmanschaftan, and although I
didn't find Illinitzer KUV, I did find another organizations with KUV as
part of their names in the English section. Looking up the more detailed
listing in the Yiddish section, I found (transliterated) *Kranken unt.
Farein*, or in Yiddish letters, reading >from right to left: kuf, resh,
aleph, nun, kuf, aiyn, nun sofit (end word) aleph, vov, nun, tet. (end
word. note the period at the end;it seems to be an abbreviation). fay,
aleph, resh, aleph, yod, yod, nun sofit(end word).

I guess the first word is related to illness or sickness somehow. My
Yiddish doesn't go far enough to know what the others are. Tried to find
an online Yiddish dictionary, but didn't have luck.

Maybe one of our Yiddishists can translate.

Glenda Rubin
San Francisco Bay Area.

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