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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Two more Austria-Czech Siggers have let me know that they will be at
the conference:

1. We all know Amira Kohn-Trattner of NY who has often written in.
Amira plans to attend some meetings and would like very much to meet
with the Austria Czech Siggers for the morning meeting and potential
dinner. Amira is researching:

KOHN (Prague and Lucenec/Slovakia), KAFKA (Bohemia), FISCHEL
(Vienna/Prague), RAUDNITZ (Vienna/Prague), KANTUREK (Vienna/Prague)

Amira asks: Is there a special list of all the presentations that
would be of particular interest to the Austrian-Czech siggers?
So could someone who has studied a complete programme please send us
a synopsis of *key* "Austria-Czech"-related talks?

2. A name which is not so familiar to us on Austria-Czech is our
Sigger Sylvia Furshman Nusinov, but you only have to read about
Sylvia's work in genealogy to know that she is very eminent:
President emerita JGSPBCI, FL. Sylvia had Galician relatives in
Vienna called AWNER and EHRENPREIS but we have not quite pinned down
the connection with the families we have now identified as living in
Vienna pre-1938 and Sylvia's family. There are references to Viennese
relatives in correspondence that Sylvia still has. Sylvia will be
very busy with her other activities but hopefully you will catch a
glimpse of her.

As Siggers Logan Kleinwaks and Jean Lowenstamm know, we got great
breakthroughs recently in links to Galicia [KALTER and NICHTENHAUSER
respectively] by studying the official death registrations/wills in
Vienna that are housed in the Gasometer archives. These may have a
listing of siblings and other relatives still living in Galicia at
the time of death. Tragically, Sylvia's potential links were deported
or hopefully emigrated successfully to Milan and Australia, so we
cannot use this approach. But here is a pre-conference surprise for
Sylvia: We had a Meldeauskunft which told us: Chaim (Karl) EHRENPREIS
rect. GRUNFELD, born 3.9.1874 in Lemberg, Handelsagent, married ..
wife: Cacilie, born 11.7.1877 and daughters Stefanie, born
27.11.1906 and Josefine, [28.10.1903 - 3.2.1924].
Deregistration comment: 5.12.1938: "emigrated Australia"

And believe it or not, I have just found on the NAA website: EHRENPREIS Stefanie born 27 November 1906;
nationality Stateless; travelled per Strathnaver arriving in Brisbane
on 8 August 1939 and then tragically and in another entry I find
this: EHRENPREIS Stefanie: Nationality - Chinese: Date of Birth - 27
November 1906: Date of Arrival - 20 August 1939: Certificate Number -
122: Date of Issue - 2 October 1939: First registered at West
Melbourne [contains 1 black and white photograph] Deceased/1939 -
1945/EHRENPREIS Stefanie.

This suggests the family fled to Shanghai and that the parents never
managed the trip to Australia. I hope Stefanie did not die so young
after her ordeal. Sylvia will have to order the documents to see what
they reveal.

3. Rolf Lederer tells me that his ggggrandfather Tobias died at age
100 in 1836 and his wife at 89. This must be some sort of record for
Bohemia in that era! Tobias had another son, Salomon, born in 1794,
who also missed the 1793 census. Salomon emigrated to the US in 1853
and was a prolific letter writer and died in Albany, NY in 1878.
There are many descendants today in the US. Rolf is descended from
Simon, who was Salamon's older brother and settled in Gladbach,
Germany in 1811 [letters did arrive in those days!], where the family
resided till WW2.

I checked:
but Salomon is not listed. Isn't it time he got a rightful place with
the other early immigrants to USA?

So now there are 25 Austria-Czech Siggers registered and indeed there
may be more! I will send out a final list soon to all the

Celia Male [U.K.]

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