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This year's IAJGS conference in New York City is hosting what could easily
be called "a mini Jewish film festival," with an unprecedented number of
films and videos -- 24 in all-- the largest number ever screened at one
genealogical conference!

These films will begin on Sunday, August 13th at 12N and continue through
Thursday, August 17th. Weekday films will start at 8AM, and many evening
screenings are planned. The schedule is available on the conference website.
The screenings, held in the fourth floor Ziegfield Room will also be open to
conference attendees' families, companions and spouses.

Included are two Academy Award-winning best documentary features: "The Last
Days," produced by Steven Spielberg and the Shoah Foundation and "Into the
Arms of Strangers: Stories of the Kinderstransport," and one Emmy Award
winner, "The Attic: The Hiding of Ann Frank," with Mary Steenburgen and
Paul Scofield.

Other films will cover the Jewish experience in Austria ("Watermarks" and
"In Vienna They Put You in Jail"), Lithuania ("My Grandfather's House,"
"Kupishok: Unto Each Name a Person"), Poland ("Hiding and Seeking: Faith and
Tolerance After the Holocaust," "Image Before My Eyes," "Luboml: My Heart
Remembers," "Chaim Rumkowski and the Jews of Lodz"), Latvia ("My Jewish
Grandfather"), Hungary ("The Last Days," "Divan," "Paradise Lost: Journey
to Vaja"), Slovakia ("Dancing With My Father"), Transcarpathia ("Carpati: 50
Miles, 50 Years), Galicia ("The Last Klezmer," "I Remember Jewish
Drohobycz"), France ("Poumy"), Russia/Siberia (L'Chayim, Comrade Stalin"),
Israel and several middle eastern countries (The Forgotten Refugees.)

There will be films dealing with the Holocaust and concentration camp
experiences ("Voices of the Children" on Terezin, "The Final Days" on
Auschwitz), Jews in the resistance movement ("Poumy"), and man on
life-affirming topics, such as making peace with the past by returning to
one's ancestral shtetl ("Divan," "Journey to Vaja," "Luboml," "Hiding and
Seeking,") and dedicating memorials to vanished Eastern European communities

United States subjects will also be tackled -- the experience of growing up
in New York City's Hebrew Orphan Asylum ("Bernie") and life in the Jewish
communities in Boro Park, Brooklyn ("Hiding and Seeking"), Cleveland, Ohio
("Dancing With My Father"), Portland, Oregon ("In Vienna They Put You in
Jail"), and the history of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Los Angeles
("Genealogy Anyone? Twenty-Five Years in the Life of the JGSLA.") Many of
these films will be shown twice, and several will be introduced by the
filmmakers themselves.

Special evening program: "Visual Storytelling: The Genealogical Documentary"
- Wed. Aug. 16th

Eight filmmakers: Eileen Douglas and Ron Steinman ("My Grandfather's House,"
"Luboml"), Pearl Gluck ("Divan"), Menachem Daum ("Hiding and Seeking"),
Yaron Zilberman ("Watermarks") and Elaine Kalman Naves ("Paradise Lost:
Journey to Vaja"), Jay Heyman ("Bernie"), and Marcia Rock ("Dancing With My
Father") will be on the program "Visual Storytelling: The Genealogical
Documentary" on Wednesday, August 16th at 7:30PM to discuss their films and
the filmmaking process, including how to unearth memories and discover “the
truth” about your family's history, turning it into a work of art. They’ll
illustrate — in clips >from their films -- the creative process and elaborate
on the nuts and bolts of filmmaking.

For those of you unable to attend the conference, but interested in learning
more about these films, detailed information is available on the conference

Just scroll down to a film title and click on the title. These should be of
great interest to Jewish Genealogical Societies, as they make excellent
programs. Most of these will be for sale at the conference. I will profile,
in greater depth, several films each day on the conference online list at :

If you need more specific information, please feel free to contact me
privately. Remember that the entire schedule is available online.

Pamela Weisberger
IAJGS 2006 Film Co-Coordinator

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