NYC Death Certificates #general

Ron Goldman

Dan, Lynne, and All,

I have more than a few NYC death certificates, but none dating back so far
as the 1890s.

Later, 1920s-40s certificates are/were divided into 2 columns. At the
bottom of the left facing column is a space for either: "Usual or former
residence", which, I believe, applies to the deceased, or, if it just says
"residence", applies to the person giving the information about the
deceased, which references the space directly above, titled "Informant".

At the top of the right facing column are spaces for "Place of Death, which
could be either a hospital, nursing facility, or the residence if the
person died at home. On the bottom of the right facing column, in some
cases, is a space for the attesting physician's name, and his residence.

Confusing, to say the least (Arrrgh!)

Ron Goldman

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