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Phillip Lederer <lederer@...>

I took a bus >from a bus station in town to Theresienstadt. They run
on a schedule with different bus companies offering service. Tickets
between companies are not interchangeable, so the schedule you pick
when you leave will be the schedule you take, even if you see a bus
in town at a time earlier than your scheduled departure.

I found the place to be very sterilized-it does not look like a KZ,
The museum at the visitor center is interesting and is worth an hour or two.

There are several exhibits to see. I saw most. I am not sure if
there are tours-I did not go on one.

My mother was an inmate--so I asked to see the archivist for the place
and he was quite helpful and interested in hearing her story. For
your family the archivist will give you the data as to whom did he/she
arrived with and whom did he/she left with.

Theresienstadt was an is a fortress town--the town is surrounded by
a wall. People actually live in the town and there are some small
simple restaurants there. Though, the town has a very deserted feel.
(Interestingly my mother's father grew up in another fortress town,
Ku:strin, which was completely destroyed by the Red Army in its
approach to Berlin. So, Theresienstadt gave me an idea what that
town looked like before it was flattened.

A trip to Theresienstadt will consume the greater part of a day.
I myself would not rate it one of the top sites to see in a short
visit to Prague, or the Czech Republic. It is just too sanitized.
For example, do not miss a visit to the Alte-Neue Schul for a service!

Also if you family is >from Bohemia, search the holdings of the
Jewish Museum. I myself found a eighteenth century document concerning
my ggg grandfather. The people in the museum were happy to make a
copy for me. Likewise you can spend weeks in the Jewish Archives
pouring over records.....(but hire a local researcher because the
archivists will not serve your nearly so quickly as when you are
with a local, or make quick cheap copies for you.)

Hope this helps,

Phil Lederer
Rochester NY

I will be visiting Theresienstadt in a couple of days. Any advice?
Specifically: Travel info: how best to get there
from Prague (train?),when to go (open
weekends?), what specifically to see, how long
tospend there, etc.

Also: finding family information. I had three
g-grandparents who diedthere, plus 2
grandparents who passed through it. Is there a
place there to find info on them?

Thank you.

Daniel Kester
Buffalo, NY, USA

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