Dachau, WWII, 60th Infantry Regiment historical information sought #general

Gloria Bailey <auletta1@...>

My uncle, Dr. Alexander P. OSHER was a physician in the army >from Sept 1944
through April 1947. According to his separation record, he served as
regimental surgeon with the 60th Infantry regiment in the European theater
for 18 months, was responsible for medical care and preventive medical
treatment for regiment of 3000 men. Concurrently, was Company Commander
responsible for administration, medical care, supply, discipline and
general welfare of troops. Was Assistant Hospital Director at Post
Hospital, Dauchau, Germany for three months.

He rarely talked about his experiences at Dauchau. I have a newspaper
clipping about it >from when he first returned home to NY. He told my
mother that they "made up" the quotes attributed to him, so I'm not sure
how accurate it is. The only time I know he talked about this experience
was when my 7 year old son visited him in NY (we were living in Michigan)
and he told him about his experience. This was the last year my Uncle was
alive, and my son is now 31 and has no memory of the stories my uncle told
him. I think it was more than a 7 year old could take in.

Now I would like to find written documentation of these experiences --
either about the Dauchau post hospital, the 60th Infantry regiment, medical
personnel in the army at that time, etc. I would be thrilled to find
someone who knew my Uncle at that time. If you know of any web sites or
books with more information, I would appreciate hearing >from you.

When I was growing up in NY, my uncle visited us almost weekly. But he
rarely talked about old times and I never heard him talk about being at
Dauchau. I think this must have been especially hard for a Jewish son of
Russian immigrants to see what could easily have been his own family.
(Though so far as I know, no immediate family members were caught up in the
Holocaust, I have not traced all of my grandfather's half siblings and they
might have been there.)

Thanks in advance for your help.

Gloria Auletta Bailey
Seattle, Washington

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