Re: Aliens Held for Special Inquiry - what does LPC 210 stand for? #general


Marlene: An article in Avotaynu (Spring 1996) by Marion Smith,
historian for INS explains some of these notations as follows:
INS Form 505 was a request to check the passenger list. The date
of the clerk's verification of the passenger list was 5/4/1941.
In the number 2-853226, the 2 is for District 2, New York, where
the applicant filed. The dash after the 2 indicates that the
applicant paid a fee to have the record checked. ( "x" in that
space indicates no fee) The rest of the number is the application
number. LPC 210 is not explained.

David Rosen
Boston, MA

Marlene Staggs wrote:

Last night I viewed the microfilm containing the passenger list of the
SS Potsdam that sailed >from Rotterdam on August 6, 1910. I found my
relative (yeah!). His name was listed twice.

The second listing was under the heading Aliens Held for Special
Inquiry. The Cause for Detention was listed as LPC 210. I couldn't find
a definition for this abbreviation anywhere on the manifest. Does
anybody know what LPC 210 stands for?

His occupation was listed as Sailor. Above the word Sailor was 2-853226
5/2/41 (505). If you know what these numbers stand for, please let me

Marlene Staggs
Bellingham, WA

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