Furth tombstone (the answer) : Rabbi Meshulam Zalman HAKOHEN #general


Thank you to the readers who attempted to answer my question that
I posed a few days ago concerning the photograph of a tombstone that
I found in my collection. It was that of Rabbi Meshullam Zalman
HA-KOHEN (b. 1741) of Fuerth, in Bavaria. His first work, Bigdei
Kehunnah ("Priestly Garments,") was published in Fuerth in 1807 and
contains responsa on various laws in the Shulhan Arukh and novellae
on the talmudic tractates Gittin and Bava Mezia.

His "Nahalat Avot" ("Heritage of our Fathers," Fuerth, 1811), was
written when he was 70 years old. It comprises sermons on ethical
subjects, both personal and social.

I will be glad to attach a photograph to anyone who desires a copy.

Michael Bernet
New Rochelle, NY

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