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It wasn't always so simple. An ancestor of mine came to Philadelphia with
his 24 year old brother in 1913. He had given his age as 17 because his
relatives already here (who had paid for his ticket) had been told ,
possibly by the ticket seller, that anyone under 17 and not coming with
parents would not be admitted. He was really 14.

Because he was also very short, the discrepancy with his listed age stood
out and he was detained and designated LPC due to "arrested sexual
development", and "likely to adopt certain deviant practices". My ggf, to
whom these boys were coming, and who had paid for his ticket, hired a
lawyer, and various witnesses vouched for his true age. My ggf not only
was willing to post any kind of bond, since he was a well established
business man by then, and testified he would adopt him if necessary (he
had already taken in the boy's sister). It didn't matter. He was
sent back to the Ukraine and (family lore has it) he died in the Holocaust.

I was fortunate to get the entire hearing testimony. It was really an eye
opener. My contact told me that it was unusual for INS to go to this
extreme, even tho the issue of age was strictly speaking correct.
Normally, when so much family was already here and willing to take
responsibility for the underage child, INS would make an exception and
admit them.


Subject: Re: Aliens Held for Special Inquiry - what does LPC 210 stand for?
From: sherribob@aol.com (Sherribob)
Date: 09 Jun 2000 22:23:38 GMT
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LPC means "likely to be public charge". Probably 90% of our ancestors
were held over as LPC. All it mean was that if you had less than $50
dollars with you, then you had to wait for a relative to come and vouch
for you. The relative would state they would feed and house the immigrant
and therefore prevent the immigrant >from being a public charge.

My late uncle always told stories of a constant flow of landsmen from
their shtetl sleeping in their house, fresh off the boat.

Also, you're very lucky, those numbers written over his name are his
naturilization info. It will be a simple matter for you to obtain those
papers >from INS.

good luck in your search,

Sherri Bobish

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