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Arlene Beare <arl@...>

My grandmother was born in Ponedel now Pandelys in Lithuania. Her father
was Savel Scheer ?Sher son of Michel Sher.
Her mother was Elka Blum son of Meyer Blum .
There were 5 children Abel, Rifke, Sarah, Bluma and Rachel.
The family went to live in Riga Latvia in about 1888.

I am particularly interested in which one of these daughters went to live
in Denver Colorado. Unfortunately I do not have her married name but she
was either Sarah or
Bluma Scheer/Sher. My grandmother was Rifke (Rebecca) and I know that
Rachel remained in Riga so it ws one of the other sisters.

One sister either Bluma or Sarah went to Manchester and I think she may
have been married to a J.Brandt. but I am really not sure of this surname.
If anyone with connections in Denver or Manchester recognise these name I
would love to hear >from them.

Arlene Beare

Arlene Beare

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