Is ALPROVITZ/ALPEROVI(T)CH a patronymic? #belarus

Geoff Robinson <geoffrob@...>

My paternal gf was Leonid RUBINOV (later changed to Leonard George
ROBINSON), born in 1875 in Minsk. On his New York State death
certificate his father's name is given as Bernard Baruch ALPROVITZ, by
my estimate probably born about 1850, give or take. The information on
the death certificate was provided by medical records and his doctor at
the hospital on Long Island where he died.

My extremely limited understanding of Russian names tells me that
ALPROVITZ could be an alternate spelling of ALPEROVI(T)CH. My question
is this: Was, in fact, ALPROVITZ intended to be a patronymic? If so,
why is it given as his last name and not his middle name as a patronymic
would be expected? If it were his surname and not a patronymic, why is
it different >from my gf's surname? Am I correct in my assumption that
the [-nov] suffix on RUBINOV constitutes a patronymic?

If anyone knows of a source of information on Russian patronymics,
either in print or online, or any answers to the above questions, I
would be most appreciative.

Geoff Robinson
Chester, VT

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