I need advice in my research #belarus

Gary Dickman <garyd@...>

During last several years I tried to find my family roots without big

I have Family Tree Maker program and a tree with more than 400
individuals, but with limited data on my grand grandparents and only
names of grand grand grandfathers. Exceptions are Pinchasik and
Rabuhin lines, where I have a tree done by my grandfather, Vladimir

Any information I have was collected >from my relatives leaving in
Russia, Israel and USA. Mostly this information is about living
individuals, not back in time.

I tried Family Tree Maker search engines but didn't filter something

I built a Web page
(http://www.familytreemaker.com/users/d/i/c/Gary-Dickman/index.html) on
the Family Tree Maker account with my interests of research. No even
single e-mail was received >from other researchers during two years the
page exists.

Twice I sent requests to Minsk archive and Belarus Embassy in Israel
for records on Gregory Dickman and Shmuil Aizenberg and received an
answer that no records for requested years exist because all records are
being destroyed after 75-100 years.

Through a relative of mine in Russia I sent to Gitomir (Ukraine)
archive a request on Zinovy Pinchasik records and he had no answer.

As an owner of Family Tree Maker I had one free assessment >from GRA
(Genealogy Research Associates, Inc.). I used it to request a place of
birth of Gregory Dickman and the assessment said that I had a good
chances. If I'd like GRA to perform the searches suggested in this
assessment, I needed only to reply to the mail. I replied. No answer
arrived. After several e-mails and telephone calls I left it.

All my searching in the internet didn't have any results with one
exception: "Cheder list in Borisov" is possibly a shoot.

I heard that Mormons have records about Jews. I applied to the Mormon
center in Jerusalem and asked if I can receive their records per
request. I was told to go to genealogy link in their web site, but I
found only common information or books on Jewish history.

I searched in All Belarus DB , and didn't filter something interesting
on my family.

Now I don't know how to continue. How did you get the records?

Sincerely yours,
Gary Dickman
e-mail: GaryDickman@...

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